About Meg

Are you stuck at work all day wishing you could be out making wishes on dandelions, swinging from giant oak trees, splashing about in puddles?

My art will bring back those joyful memories and inspire you to make some new ones.

I was born into a creative family. There are storytellers, gardeners, glassblowers, painters, woodworkers… I thought I was a photographer. I have a BFA from a very good school in Rochester NY, a love of the photographic process and no desire to do it professionally.

I like to tell stories with my art and if it makes you smile, brings back a happy memory, makes your day a little brighter if even for only a minute, then I have succeeded.

I’m currently going through a transition from Fabric Artist to Surface Pattern Designer. I will be designing fabric for sure but I also hope to license my art on other ‘stuff’. I don’t know how this career path has missed my radar over the years, I discovered it in the summer of 2018 – which I will blog and link soon- there have been so many signs that this is what I should be doing. I’m excited to start this journey and share it with you as it unfolds. I am currently going through a series of classes through Make it in Design to guide me along the shortest path to becoming a designer (and not get lost in the rabbit hole of trying to figure it all out on my own.) I am loving every aspect of this course/ career path and find myself waking up at 5 am so I can create some designs or color palettes before my day starts. I’m stealing moments wherever I can to slip in some sketching or take photos for inspiration. I could rave on and on but let’s just say I love love love where this is taking me.

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What About Bud?

We all know it’s the bird doing the work around here so how about some credit?

little gray bird dancing

Hi,  I’m Bud.

I do most of the writing on this website, Meg doesn’t seem to know what to talk about and I’m fun.

I’m a cool kind of bird. I enjoy a good thunder storm. I like to take selfies. I like to write for Meg’s blog. My favorite food is pine nuts.

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