About Meg

Are you stuck at work all day wishing you could be out making wishes on dandelions, swinging from giant oak trees, splashing about in puddles?

My art will bring back those joyful memories and inspire you to make some new ones.

I was born into a creative family. There are storytellers, gardeners, glassblowers, painters, woodworkers… I thought I was a photographer. I have a BFA from a very good school in Rochester NY, a love of the photographic process and no desire to do it professionally.

When I began to explore other mediums I found the Fiber Arts. Not such a far reach from my beginning, I am still creating pictures, but with fabric instead of film. Working with fabric is very tactile. I love feeling the textures and playing with colors. I bring it all to life with stitching and a little paint, creating a picture that once lived only in my imagination.

I like to tell stories with my art and if it makes you smile, brings back a happy memory, makes your day a little brighter if even for only a minute, then I have succeeded.

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What About Us?

We all know it’s the bird’s doing the work around here so how about some credit?

little gray bird dancing

Hi,  I’m Bud.

It was my idea to hijack this site. I’m a cool kind of bird. I enjoy a good thunder storm. I like to take selfies. I like to write for Meg’s blog. My favorite food is pine nuts.

little green bird sitting with feet out

I’m Flora.

I will be reporting to you from the field this summer. I get to hang out in a coffee shop in Sandpoint, Idaho, representing Meg for Artwalk.

I looove the smell of coffee here at Monarch Mountain Coffee.

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