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Let’s Start at the Beginning

My Version of Her Story - by Bud the Bird

Old picture of Meg, apparently 'toiling'

Meg was recently asked how she got started on these art pieces she likes to call #quirkies – I put the hashtag there because you can go to Instagram and look it up, believe me… she likes to call them #quirkies. She fumbled and rambled and reminisced until the story finally came out and it was actually kind of interesting. I’ll weed out her rambling and give you my version of what she said.

Long Long ago while living a lonely life in Northern Idaho, Meg toiled under the pressure of creating new and interesting art quilts. She… (Bud.. dial the drama back a notch, I wasn’t lonely.)

Fine. She was making art quilts and really loved making the characters, probably because one day she knew she would create me and I would enrich her life so immensely. I would.. (Bud… I thought this was about ALL of my art).

Right, anyway… she worked out the story of the quilt with the characters and a few little things to go with them, then she would start thinking about the background. She would say ‘Boooring’ it felt like the background was just filler and took away from the action. Instead she would leave them empty, usually a solid color and would fill them up with stitching and possibly embellishments like beads or whatever – I agree, booring! I’m bored. Can I get to the part about me now?

How does she twist her face up like that?

stitched stick figure leaping with joy as a painted bird watches from a tree
'Bird Watching' a little quilt I actually love even with the 'boring' background.
boy made of paper doing cartwheel, watched by bud the fabric bird
This is the prototype of 'Jack' he is about 2 feet top to bottom (or bottom to top in his case)

Ok, back to the dark ages. The fun part of the true story includes a wire bicycle decoration on her wall and her thinking it would be fun to add a character riding it or better yet, doing a one handed handstand on the seat of it! –  I totally want to do that! She drew a boy doing a cartwheel and created him out of layers of paper, cut him out and everything. But he warped and peeled and just didn’t do what she imagined. Then she got the brilliant idea -I can say that, I’m not the artist here- to make him out of fabric with a stiff backing. She created ‘Jack’ stitched him up and fell in love with the idea of building these characters without backgrounds.

fabric boy doing a cartwheel across 2 walls spanning a corner. upside down wearing shorts. 2 small tufts of grass on either side of him

She hasn’t looked back since. (actually I have once or twice but I still seem to stay with the idea of making the story without the scenery). No interrupting Meg, this is my telling of the story. So anyway, back to what I was saying… She has made pieces as big as a wall and as small as, well, me. The super fun thing about the small ones, even the big ones, is that they can hang in unusual spaces, they can cross corners and come off the wall, they can hide in little nooks and crannies around the house. Visitors to our house love to find the little surprises hidden around.

There it is, the ancient history (Bud, can I cut in and say I’ve been making these #quirkies for about 5 or 6 years now?) Meg… this is MY story of your story, so no.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope Meg wasn’t too annoying with her butting in. I should have done this when she wasn’t around.  Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you here next week!

Experimenting with Clip Studio Paint

combination of fabric and digital art bird in birch trees

Today Meg spent a chunk of the day creating brushes for her computer program, Clip Studio Paint. After hours of making tiny marks and prepping them for use, she came up with a little blanket stitch.

She put some lines together and made me a birch tree grove to run about in, how cool is that? 

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Soon to be Hot off the Press, Bird interviews Meg

Hiya Friends,

Bud here.

I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m doing an in depth interview for our newsletter with the one and only Meg this week. I intend to get her to Spill It!

It should be a saucy piece…

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While I have you here… did you see this video?  Hands down, my favorite thing on the entire website!  It’s on the home page too.

art gallery painted portraits funny birds
Bud here.  I was thinking today how much I miss my friend Flora.  She’s been off to the coffee shop gallery for 2 weeks already. I’ve attached a picture from when we went to the portrait gallery last year.  Right now I’m on the east coast enjoying some down time with Meg’s family. Did I say down time? its not exactly a lazy day on the river here, we are having a blast.  I met some loons today on a boat ride (I’m not naming names, you know who you are) and we saw some swimming underwater. Those birds have the moves!  They are super speedy underwater swimmers and they can seriously hold their breaths!  Looking forward to more adventures with this bunch of loons this week. Maybe next time we visit Flora can come too.

June 2nd is everybody’s birthday

This is a birthday hat. not a piece of pizza with chicken pox. Cut me some slack here, I’m drawing with my feet.


June 2nd is everybody’s birthday.

actually, it’s not mine, but I’m still willing to accept gifts!  I’m nice like that. Meg has no less than 4 immediate family members – a brother, a niece, a nephew and a cousins daughter – who have birthdays today! Sheesh, you’d think they could be a little more original. Happy Birthday Everyone!  Love you!



Hi,  Don’t tell Meg I figured out how to post on her blog… let’s see what I can do with this..


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