I’m going for Good Enough

I really want to keep up with my blog regularly. I’ve wanted that for years and I keep starting up again with all sorts of big ideas and enthusiasm. Then I start planning posts and prewriting them… then I reread them. ugh, not posting that. You see the cycle.

So, I’m here.  The idea is that I have 15 minutes to tell you what’s up whenever I come here. It may be sloppy but I’m going for Good Enough.

Setting my timer for 15 minutes right now.

I have been working as a fabric artist for the last 10 years. I recently talked with a friend about illustrating a children’s book that she wrote using my fabric art. A bunch of stuff went through my head regarding fabric and copyrights… blah blah blah.. long story short, I decided I needed to design my own fabric. In this journey I discovered Surface Pattern Designing and have fallen in love with it. I will someday get to that book, but for now I want to design fabric and other ‘stuff’ with my drawings.

If I can keep to this Good Enough system I will share my journey from Fabric Artist to Surface Pattern Designer here in super quick little bits.

The beginning..  last August I created my first repeat design. That means a little block of a design that when set side by side, top and bottom, creates a sheet of the same pattern repeating for infinity. I learned how to do this from Mel Armstrong on Skillshare.

That’s all for today and I took more than 15 minutes. future tip.. have images ready images before writing… 

Looks like this will actually be a blog about learning to blog and becoming a surface pattern designer. Good. I have a plan. see you next time. 


watercolor painting sketch clothesline little bird
before it was a pattern
clothes scattered about in a repeat pattern for use on fabric
My first repeat pattern

Happy 4th!

Bud the bird waving a flag with digital fireworks behind him

Happy 4th of July!  We went out for dessert at a floating restaurant in Hope, Idaho. Seems like a fitting town to visit on a day that was the result of Hope.

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tarte, in case you were wondering. yum!

Have a happy fun (and safe) 4th!


bird art hanging at coffee shop next to sign that says Your Happy Place

We are Live! (the website, not the birds)

Meg and Flora are off to Sandpoint’s Artwalk opening tonight from 5:30- 8:00. Megs work will be hanging out at Monarch Mountain Coffee Shop with 4 other exhibiting artists. Flora has found herself a sweet little seat above the ordering counter where it says ‘Your Happy Place’ right after the E! No doubt she will be very happy all summer long.  Drop in and say Hi.  Get yourself a ‘cuppa, she loves the smell of coffee.


One More Day!..

ok sometime tomorrow which is already today in some parts of the country…. meant to tell you earlier. Artwalk opening June 29th.  I’ll be sipping some coffee at Monarch Mountain Coffee with my friend Flora. Meg doesn’t know it yet but I intend to slip into her purse… hitch a ride to where the action is. Hope to see you there! oh yeah, all the stuff should be working on the website by 5:00 pm Pacific Time!  
Bud the bird telling everyone the birds are prouder than peacocks to announce the opening of, well, this website

8 days til Artwalk and this website is real

ok, I guess it’s real already, but in 8 days it should all be functioning, you won’t end up at disappointing links and the birds will begin their chirping about who knows what! regularly.

Bud is very excited because I’ve agreed with him, he is better at this website stuff than I am, but if he calls me ‘web mistress’ one more time, he’s out.

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