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Funky Bird 5"x5"​

right, no worms here. You got a garden shed I could move into.. or perhaps you're one of those worm composters... now that's the kind of home I'm a looking for. course I'd be happy hanging out on the wall just about anywhere. That Meg has me hanging above her livingroom window just out of reach of that lovely dirt outside. It's torture looking down into that every day. Now door trim, yeah, that I could get into, might have a chance of taking out a spider or two for ya, keep the kids safe if you put me in their room... just a thought..

Marta 9"x30"

Hi, I'm Marta. My father owns a floral shoppe and I deliver flowers for him. I'm a little shy but it's pretty easy to deliver flowers, They always make people smile. That's all hypothetical of course. I'm really a collection of stitched fabric on a wall, not even on a wall, I'm stored in a stack of similar stuff safe from dust and such. There are none of those sassy birds here though. Keeps me sweet I guess. Wouldn't mind having one of them live with me if you wanted to have me at your house. They are pretty funny.

Little Houses 6"x7"

I'm looking forward to a new home. I would especially like to be with some of the other houses Meg built. Sometimes she puts us together to make a village. I love that. We become neighbors, sharing stories, drinking tea, brightening up quiet areas of the house. Once she lined us all up on the baseboard, that was the best. We were so cute. Course she doesn't have animals, that may have left us ... less cute. ​

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purple looking up
meg, artist head shot looking up at birds
I took this photo of Meg. She made us. We thought we should give her a little shout out! She is looking up at us adoringly, as it should be. -Bud

Whoa Whoa Whoa...

We know, people just don’t quite know what to make of us.  We are made of fabric sort of like a quilt, but nothing like one… we come in all sizes and shapes, no squares in this lot. We hang out on the wall, you know, like art. Meg invented some simple hanging system that is not simple to explain.

(oh my word bird, why do you complicate everything? Human, click the button below and I will help it all make sense – human to human.  Bird, leave that page alone, no hacking.)

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