• Leg Blankets

    Leg Blankets (24)

    A Meg original. You won't find these anywhere else. Small lap blankets with character. Their original story is here (well, it will be soon).
  • Clothing

    Clothing (8)

    We have Socks! Coming soon- leggings, shirts and Flip Flops? seriously? Flip Flops don't fit on webbed feet!
  • Home & Living

    Home & Living (5)

    Here you will (eventually) find things to decorate your spaces. Meg's looking forward to redecorating your entire home with whimsical fun stuff.
  • Random Fun Stuff

    Random Fun Stuff (8)

    ok... this is like that little store in town that's full of random stuff. Here you'll find stickers and magnets, advent calendars, notebooks, cards, bags and pouches, maybe a puzzle or 2... you better just come look for yourself, the list could be endless.
  • Holidays

    Holidays (8)

    So many holidays to celebrate! From the common Halloween and Christmas to the elusive "I need something to celebrate TODAY" holidays like National Oreo Cookie Day (march 6th for those of you not 'in the know'). I'll take any excuse to celebrate!
  • Berti's Favorites

    Berti's Favorites (3)

    What can I say? Meg's letting me run the website, you didn't think I wouldn't take an entire section for myself did you? Of course you want to see my favorites! All those muted grays and earthy browns. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA