200 Toddlers?

Berti here,


I thought I’d drop in and tell you a little bit about what’s going on with Meg’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Last month Meg decided she really wanted to improve her drawing skills, particularly drawing kids. She’s started a little project to stay focused that she’s calling  the 200 Toddlers project.. Wonder what that might be about…


It’s fun, She’s working on illustrating a children’s book about a 2 year old girl. She’s also working to improve her digital drawing skills – which is so much fun- somedays she whips something up quick and others times she spends hours and practically pulls her hair out. Good fun for me, as a spectator, either way. We spend a lot of time looking at Meg’s great nieces and nephews on Facebook and Instagram. She happens to have a handful of super cute 2 year olds right now, so she’s using the book as an excuse to spend time seeing what the kids are up to, and using them for reference (although when she’s done her drawings don’t look anything like the kids, she says they’re not meant to…). 


She’s struggling to find just the right character to star in the children’s book, but I’m sure by the time she’s completed the 200 Toddler Drawings project that character will have emerged from her couch cushion fort and be willing to play her role in the book. 


You can follow along on instagram, she’s finding fun ways to include her patterns in with the toddler drawings too, keeping the pages pretty. There are no rules on this project, just 200 Toddlers. She’s planning to explore different styles and get really comfortable with digital art making. Feel free to let her know when you like a particular drawing or style. Sometimes you’ll see the work in progress so the same toddler scene may come back for multiple instavisits (I just made that word up, it’s a thing now, this making up of new words). 


Go check them out and follow along with the adventure, with any luck Meg will put my pretty little beak in some of these drawings! Feel free to suggest THAT on Instagram and or Facebook as well.

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