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Soon to be Hot off the Press, Bird interviews Meg

Hiya Friends,

Bud here.

I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m doing an in depth interview for our newsletter with the one and only Meg this week. I intend to get her to Spill It!

It should be a saucy piece…

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While I have you here… did you see this video?  Hands down, my favorite thing on the entire website!  It’s on the home page too.


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Bud here.  I was thinking today how much I miss my friend Flora.  She’s been off to the coffee shop gallery for 2 weeks already. I’ve attached a picture from when we went to the portrait gallery last year.  Right now I’m on the east coast enjoying some down time with Meg’s family. Did I say down time? its not exactly a lazy day on the river here, we are having a blast.  I met some loons today on a boat ride (I’m not naming names, you know who you are) and we saw some swimming underwater. Those birds have the moves!  They are super speedy underwater swimmers and they can seriously hold their breaths!  Looking forward to more adventures with this bunch of loons this week. Maybe next time we visit Flora can come too.