Berti and the book

Berti sitting on top of sketchbook

Meg's working on illustrating a kids book for a class.

Berti here, that’s like my tag line, you know,  how I like to start each post. I think it’s kinda catchy, how about you?

Today I have one thing to say. Meg is a little weird.

She says October is the ‘big month of changes’. I told her January is when things change and fresh starts are made, but she disagreed. She says it’s always been October for her. She thinks it’s probably because, when she was growing up, her family owned a campground and mid October was the end of the camping season. All the campers left and she had a little time to think her own thoughts, maybe start her own projects. I can’t say I’ve seen her writing any resolutions this month though.

So here we are, October. Meg’s youngest kiddo has gone back to college and we’re finally getting settled into our new routines. This is year two of college for kid # two (out of two). That word looks strange. Two. Two. Two. Oh, sorry. Bud told me last year when the kid went off to school, Meg dove head first into building up her portfolio as a surface pattern designer. That worked well. She was very busy with something she loved and the kid was very happy at school. All in all it was a pretty good transition. Of course Meg missed kid # two (that kid has been home since March, you’d think I’d remember her name!) but they talked and texted and even made video calls, so she didn’t seem quite so far away. That helped.

Anyway, back to me and now.  I thought we were going to smooth sail it, got that distracting kid #two back to a school situation, and we were just going to keep plugging away at the surface pattern designing and drawing pictures of, well, me. But Meg had other plans.

She went online, got herself signed up for a Children’s book illustration course that started the same week the kid left for school! No easing into things for this lady. She is loving it and is so excited to add children’s book illustrator to her design resume in the future. That picture above is me (I love when she adds me) and one of the characters she’s working on for class. Fortunately she has also gone back to a daily drawing practice, hoping to become as good at drawing as she is at imagining. I’m just looking forward to all the adventures I’ll be having as she draws me into things!  (What’s the word for when you squeeze your wings together and shake with excitement? I’m doing that right now.)

In case you haven’t met me, I’mBerti, Meg’s imaginary bird friend who handles this blog, her newsletters and eventually, hopefully, all her social media (insert slightly evil laugh here).


Berti checks out the Mock up

Mock up with Berti in the newly decorated bathroom

Check out this bathroom Meg designed! ok, it’s a mock up, meaning it’s as imaginary as I am, but I’m loving this imaginary sink edge and being surrounded by all her (real)  designs!

Can you believe we’re about to start October? Next week we’ll buzz off with the bees and see what collection of designs Meg has whipped up for us to look at for October! 

The suspense is too much! I hope it’s creepy for Halloween.


Bud’s off

Berti here. I thought today would be a good day to focus on, well, me. My name is Berti, which is short for Flibbertigibbet. You may have noticed I’m an illustration. I’m also a bird, hopefully you recognized that. If not, Meg will need to reconsider her career as an illustrator. My friend Bud used to do some of Meg’s social media but he’s leaving to go south next week.

Hey all! Bud here. Sorry Berti, I know you’re the new social media girl but hey, I gotta say good bye to all my fans ya know. So fans, I’m sorry to go but I think I’m leaving you in good hands with Berti here. She may not be as sarcastic and jaded as me (yet, give her some time) but she’s not afraid of Meg (who would be, that ole softy) she’s sure to tell you what’s up and give you a good laugh at Meg’s expense now and then. Hope you enjoy your time with her and I’ll try to send a postcard every now and then. Love you all! Back to you Berti Bert Bird.

Thanks Bud. Whew, those are going to be some big shoes to fill. This is a little scary.

Until next week.

bud interrupting berti

buzz sketchbook mockup

Notebook mockup with megs design on cover and sketch inside

Berti here. 

Today I wanted to share a quick picture of the process for creating Meg’s designs. It all starts in a little sketchbook with some drawings. This is not her actual sketchbook, but it is her sketches. She’s practicing making mock ups with her designs. 

If you like the notebook there is a similar one here


Berti intro

Berti bird with honeycomb pattern feathers

Hi everyone! It’s September and time to introduce myself! I’m Berti. I’ll be blogging for Meg even though technically I’m a figment of her imagination. 

Today I’ll be giving you a sterile, characterless, rundown of what you can expect now that Meg is officially calling herself an Illustrator/ Surface Pattern Designer. She has big plans to grow her social media world and is currently designing patterns and working on learning to illustrate children’s books. Pretty cool huh!

She is officially open to taking on freelance illustration work. She says this is a little scary. Personally, I think she should spend all of her time drawing me and make a children’s book about me.

Quick Quick! Sign up to get our newsletter. It come’s out on the 7th of the month. We’ll be showing up regularly on Instagram and Facebook. This month will be all about the buzz… bumblebees that is, sweet! You see how I gave you a little hint with my feathers… I’m clever like that.

See you next week!


What about Bud?

little gray bird dancing

Hey All, Bud here.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that I’ve been the primary writer for this site. All the fun stuff, yeah, that’s mine. I’m also a bird made of fabric (and Meg’s imagination). Meg has been super busy lately working on transitioning completely from fabric art to illustration and design. I’ve felt pretty neglected. On top of that, last winter was ROUGH! so. much. snow. 

I’ve decided to make some changes myself. I’m moving south. Right now I’m training my friend Berti to take over here. Berti isn’t ready to be introduced yet but come back, she’s working on her writing and Meg is filling sketchbooks to find the ‘right look’ for her. Berti plans to greet you all in September while I’m at the height of my fitness training for the flight south. (gotta do something about this belly!) I’ll try to coax her into making some appearances before then.

Hope you are enjoying the changes as Meg transitions this site to her design work. I’m really excited for her and Berti. 

Now to decide where to go this winter… Jamaica? Bermuda? Kokomo…