Bud Interviews Meg

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Bud: I have Meg Marchiando here with me today.  She is an artist who makes happy fabric art. She used to run a website but she was bad at it, so I run it now.

Meg: nice Bud.

Bud: Right, So Meg, how old are you?

Meg: uh, um it’s not going to be a normal interview is it?  My daughter says I’m 4 and she’s pretty smart so I’m going with 4.

Bud: And, ahh, what’s in your purse?

Meg:  Bud, some general rules.. don’t ask someone’s age (particularly a woman’s) and don’t go through someones purse

Bud: particularly a woman’s?


Bud: So, you told me how old you are.. what’s in the purse?

Meg: OK.. umm A rubber duck, my library card, my license

Bud: but you’re 4. you can’t drive – and hey- can I see the duck?  What else?

Meg: pulls out velcro pen pencil fingernail file…

Bud: Booring… show me the good stuff

Meg: Lip gunk, a broken glasses repair kit, water brush a 6 sided die travel toothbrush hair tie punch card for chocolate bear watercolor set phone

Bud:  ok, enough.  How about your bottom dresser drawer?  what do you have in there?

Meg: My bottom dresser drawer? are you trying to make this an interesting interview or are you just nosey?

Bud: mostly Beaky (no nose here), but I also want to be know for asking the ‘hard’ questions

Meg: wool socks and sweaters.

Bud: Sweet, now I know where to go for nesting supplies

Bud: is cereal soup?

Meg: No

Bud: But I’ve seen you put potato in a bowl with lots of milk and call it soup, what’s the difference?

Meg: there are herbs and spices in with the potato

Bud: so if you put cinnamon on your cereal it’s soup

Meg: sure, that’s a fair argument

Bud: great! well, thats it folks, Today you saw Meg tell her secrets, spill her purse and crumble under the hard question of what is soup. Until next time. 

– Bud the Bird ..  

ok, let me see that duck again.

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