Bud’s off

Berti here. I thought today would be a good day to focus on, well, me. My name is Berti, which is short for Flibbertigibbet. You may have noticed I’m an illustration. I’m also a bird, hopefully you recognized that. If not, Meg will need to reconsider her career as an illustrator. My friend Bud used to do some of Meg’s social media but he’s leaving to go south next week.

Hey all! Bud here. Sorry Berti, I know you’re the new social media girl but hey, I gotta say good bye to all my fans ya know. So fans, I’m sorry to go but I think I’m leaving you in good hands with Berti here. She may not be as sarcastic and jaded as me (yet, give her some time) but she’s not afraid of Meg (who would be, that ole softy) she’s sure to tell you what’s up and give you a good laugh at Meg’s expense now and then. Hope you enjoy your time with her and I’ll try to send a postcard every now and then. Love you all! Back to you Berti Bert Bird.

Thanks Bud. Whew, those are going to be some big shoes to fill. This is a little scary.

Until next week.

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