adding my patterns to things my patterns might actually appear on. But I’ve made them digitally. If you’re a manufacturer you might want to do it for real… you know how to contact me right?

Mock Me

mock up of my artwork in a kids bathroom

I purchased this mockup of a bathroom last night and spent the evening filling it up with my artwork. So. much, fun!  If you don’t know what a mockup is, it’s a photograph with spaces to put your art in to get an idea of what your art would look like in a ‘real’ setting. This one was an entire bathroom that everything can be changed in. All the patterns you see are mine, even the pictures in the frames are my work. The only thing I actually have for sale right now is that design on a shower curtain in my shop on Redbubble shop but I can get everything but the trash can up for sale on my shops soon (guess I know what I’m doing today). Did I mention this is fun?