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buzz sketchbook mockup

Notebook mockup with megs design on cover and sketch inside

Berti here. 

Today I wanted to share a quick picture of the process for creating Meg’s designs. It all starts in a little sketchbook with some drawings. This is not her actual sketchbook, but it is her sketches. She’s practicing making mock ups with her designs. 

If you like the notebook there is a similar one here


Berti intro

Berti bird with honeycomb pattern feathers

Hi everyone! It’s September and time to introduce myself! I’m Berti. I’ll be blogging for Meg even though technically I’m a figment of her imagination. 

Today I’ll be giving you a sterile, characterless, rundown of what you can expect now that Meg is officially calling herself an Illustrator/ Surface Pattern Designer. She has big plans to grow her social media world and is currently designing patterns and working on learning to illustrate children’s books. Pretty cool huh!

She is officially open to taking on freelance illustration work. She says this is a little scary. Personally, I think she should spend all of her time drawing me and make a children’s book about me.

Quick Quick! Sign up to get our newsletter. It come’s out on the 7th of the month. We’ll be showing up regularly on Instagram and Facebook. This month will be all about the buzz… bumblebees that is, sweet! You see how I gave you a little hint with my feathers… I’m clever like that.

See you next week!


What about Bud?

little gray bird dancing

Hey All, Bud here.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that I’ve been the primary writer for this site. All the fun stuff, yeah, that’s mine. I’m also a bird made of fabric (and Meg’s imagination). Meg has been super busy lately working on transitioning completely from fabric art to illustration and design. I’ve felt pretty neglected. On top of that, last winter was ROUGH! so. much. snow. 

I’ve decided to make some changes myself. I’m moving south. Right now I’m training my friend Berti to take over here. Berti isn’t ready to be introduced yet but come back, she’s working on her writing and Meg is filling sketchbooks to find the ‘right look’ for her. Berti plans to greet you all in September while I’m at the height of my fitness training for the flight south. (gotta do something about this belly!) I’ll try to coax her into making some appearances before then.

Hope you are enjoying the changes as Meg transitions this site to her design work. I’m really excited for her and Berti. 

Now to decide where to go this winter… Jamaica? Bermuda? Kokomo…


busy busy busy

I am neglecting everything I ‘should’ be doing and learning illustrator. The more I learn the more I love it! I hope to be churning out some patterns with Illustrator soon, I am absolutely loving the process of learning and knowing I’m putting my time to good use. Here are some practice bits that took me far longer than they look like they should have.

This time of year, for the last 4 years, I’ve also waded hip deep into costume making for a theater production. This year I’m responsible for dressing the orphans for a production of Annie. That means 7 nightgowns, 7 day dresses with smocks and bloomers and 6 simple party dresses. I thought I had it all under control but then I looked at the calendar… I have about 2 weeks to get that worked out (fortunately we got a bunch of that worked out at thrift stores). At the end of the month my daughter and I are headed East for a crazy intense week of college visits. No time to breath between now and April gotta go.

Fortunately I have a quilting retreat planned mid april where I hope I’ll recover and get a second wind. So much good stuff going on!


Patterns everywhere

black and white pattern with lots of circles on a little wallet
fun little find

I spent the day shopping for costumes for a theater production of Annie with the head Costumer yesterday(the person with the big vision for the shows costumes and skills/talent for sewing amazing costumes). I get suckered in every year to do some sewing for the winter production (I love it so I’m not sure you can call it ‘suckered’). We hit as many thrift stores as we could find. I had expected to spend the day multi tasking, looking for costumes and observing patterns. I had planned to take photos of patterns I liked so I could analyze them when I got home. Trying to find my voice in pattern making includes finding what excites me in other peoples work.

We did an amazing job finding costumes and staying on budget. I, however, did a terrible job finding patterns. Two patterns are all that I brought home with me. I was very focused on the costumes for the orphans in Annie and they were solid dingy fabric mostly. I took one photo of a pattern on a shirt I sort of liked and I found this cute little purse. I checked the purse to see that my pens would fit in and I laid down an entire .53 cents for it. When I got home I went to transfer my usual pen collection over and discovered my Tombow Marker is a bit long :0). I’m calling it easy access and going with it. It was a fun day with a friend and I’m sure I fed my brain lots of inspiration that I’m not even aware of.

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It’s Not all Glamour and Glitz

lines of elements from doodling including circles, swirls, dots and lines as well as an evergreen branch and a dandelion puff

I was going to write a whole post about all the work I did over the weekend but I came across this quote from Jessica Savich and thought it did a pretty good job of summing up what I had to say. So Thank You Jessica Savich.. This post took under 15 minutes :0)

For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.

-Jessica Savich