I’m going for Good Enough

I really want to keep up with my blog regularly. I’ve wanted that for years and I keep starting up again with all sorts of big ideas and enthusiasm. Then I start planning posts and prewriting them… then I reread them. ugh, not posting that. You see the cycle.

So, I’m here.  The idea is that I have 15 minutes to tell you what’s up whenever I come here. It may be sloppy but I’m going for Good Enough.

Setting my timer for 15 minutes right now.

I have been working as a fabric artist for the last 10 years. I recently talked with a friend about illustrating a children’s book that she wrote using my fabric art. A bunch of stuff went through my head regarding fabric and copyrights… blah blah blah.. long story short, I decided I needed to design my own fabric. In this journey I discovered Surface Pattern Designing and have fallen in love with it. I will someday get to that book, but for now I want to design fabric and other ‘stuff’ with my drawings.

If I can keep to this Good Enough system I will share my journey from Fabric Artist to Surface Pattern Designer here in super quick little bits.

The beginning..  last August I created my first repeat design. That means a little block of a design that when set side by side, top and bottom, creates a sheet of the same pattern repeating for infinity. 

That’s all for today and I took more than 15 minutes. future tip.. have images ready images before writing…

before it was a pattern
My first repeat pattern

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  1. Sheila Barnes

    Hope this works, because you have a lot of good things to share. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks! This feels less intense and doable.

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