Making Patterns with Artwork Fun!

Oh drat!  I was supposed to get this out yesterday… ok, new news?  Meg thinks it would be super fun if she went into the store and saw her art on stuff for sale, like notebooks, mugs or napkins or other stuff. I agree, as long as it’s me.  Can you see it? Bud the bird right there in the bottom of your cereal bowl! Ha! How great would that be?  

Over the last couple of weeks Meg has been working on learning how to create patterns with her artwork, playing with some watercolor sketches she made a long time ago. That’s what todays picture is, a mock up of what it would look like if she put her stuff on a notebook. She wants to design her own fabric so she can make art with her own fabric. (she does like to complicate things.)

This could quickly become complicated and probably boring. The short story is, if she designs her own fabric and makes her work with her own fabric she can do whatever she wants with it without worrying about copyright – did you know that all that fabric is designed by artists? Those patterns are their artwork. I am so excited about the creation of her own fabric. I may just have to molt, redesign my own feathers so I can look like one of her pattern.  What do you think… should I stay gray? 

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    Great idea!

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