Sept 18, 2020

Not much to report this week. I started tracing the limbs onto the fusible but my supply of fusible ran out fast. I’m waiting on a delivery hopefully by Monday. Then things will start moving along dramatically. I’m also waiting on my test sample of leaves to see how they’re going to work… can’t wait to have interesting pictures to share. I’m totally over last weeks overwhelm and itching to start seeing the tree grow!

pattern pieces for tree

Sept 12, 2020

I’m no stranger to ‘overwhelm’. 

I went searching for my tree pattern. It’s big! I should be able to find it easily. I’m pretty sure I didn’t throw it away… I know it’s on the computer and I can reprint it but I could have sworn I kept a nice crisp copy… 

Much later, after ransacking the studio, my bedroom closet, (on the off chance) and my studio again, I decided to make sure I have the fusible material I need, then I’d go to the computer to print the tree.  In the box where I keep all my interfacing, fusible and other weird materials, I found one bolt that felt like paper with the word ‘tree’ on it. 

big sigh. good. then I unrolled it. oh my. I forgot how big this is. it unrolled all the way down the hallway and there were still more pages to unroll… 

overwhelm is a totally normal part of the creative process for me. especially when it’s a BIG piece of art. it typically moves from here, to me getting really organized and being able to really look at the project with fresh eyes. That’s when the new ideas come flying out. 

I’m excited about making this tree again.  

For now, I’m going to accept the overwhelm and leave these pieces all over my studio floor, I’ll start tracing the tree onto fusible tonight or tomorrow.

divider line wiggly hand drawn
green paint chips
leaves with pattern designs
basket of brown fabrics

Getting started!

Sept 10, 2020

The fun has started! 

I’ve sent a leaf test (center picture above) in for printing. These are just a few leaves I designed for this project. They were  quickly put together to make sure the colors are printing well and the leaves are big enough to get a good variety for the tree. The final tree will probably have over 25 different designs on the leaves and a big pile of green colors. This is a new step for me that will hopefully save time picking through my scrap pile and get me all the right colors easily.

The picture on the left is paint chips. I have a tool that reads the colors so when I design I can recreate the same color digitally. This will help get enough variety and tone in the leaves without clashing. I have a very large collection of these paint chips that I’ve been collecting for years. I can’t seem to resist the paint chip wall at the hardware store…

I also picked through my fabric stash and collected a bunch of browns for the trunk of the tree, looks like a jumbled mess but a little chaos seems to work for me. 

Today I’ll be pulling out and making adjustments to the pattern so the tree can be all one piece. Then it’s time to start laying down color for the trunk! I’ll be back soon with another update! 

divider line wiggly hand drawn

Sept 8, 2020  

Hi Fiona Travis and Patch! I’m excited to get started on your tree. I’m adding a button below that should give you a PDF of the contract for the Tree. 

As you know I’ve been doing some designing lately so I thought it would be fun to design the fabric for the leaves on your tree. I’ll be sharing that process with you a little bit too. Basically I’ll be drawing the designs and sending them off to Spoonflower to be printed on fabric. This will be fun! 

This page no longer has a password, feel free to share it if you want to!