What about Bud?

Hey All, Bud here.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that I’ve been the primary writer for this site. All the fun stuff, yeah, that’s mine. I’m also a bird made of fabric (and Meg’s imagination). Meg has been super busy lately working on transitioning completely from fabric art to illustration and design. I’ve felt pretty neglected. On top of that, last winter was ROUGH! so. much. snow. 

I’ve decided to make some changes myself. I’m moving south. Right now I’m training my friend Berti to take over here. Berti isn’t ready to be introduced yet but come back, she’s working on her writing and Meg is filling sketchbooks to find the ‘right look’ for her. Berti plans to greet you all in September while I’m at the height of my fitness training for the flight south. (gotta do something about this belly!) I’ll try to coax her into making some appearances before then.

Hope you are enjoying the changes as Meg transitions this site to her design work. I’m really excited for her and Berti. 

Now to decide where to go this winter… Jamaica? Bermuda? Kokomo…

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